Your First Visit

Before Your Visit

It is important for Dr Miyamoto to be informed about any existing medical condition. Please fill in your forms and let us know of any ongoing health concerns, e.g. artificial joints, heart murmurs, diabetes, etc.
Please note: All patients under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at the first appointment. If you normally take a premedication antibiotic before your dental cleanings, please premedicate before your consultation visit with us.

Your Exam

On your first visit, Dr. Miyamoto will complete a comprehensive exam, which includes a consultation of your medical history, photographs, an oral exam, and one-on-one discussion. Radiographs may be taken in case current ones are not available.

Our Findings

In simple cases we will discuss our findings, the treatment recommended, and the alternatives at the end of the visit. More complex cases may require you to come back for a follow-up consultation visit or have an over the phone discussion (no additional fee).

Fee for Service

Our consultation fee includes the exam, treatment planning, diagnostic photos and communicating with your dentist regarding your care.

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