Gum Recession and Grafting Procedures

Gum recession is both an uncomfortable and unattractive problem that can be caused by gum disease, genetics, use of a hard toothbrush, or even bruxism (grinding or clenching). A gum graft can help solve this problem.

From a Cosmetic Perspective

From a cosmetic perspective, your smile plays a huge role in how people view you. The way your teeth look, including their color and alignment, as well as your gums, are all a part of your smile’s appearance.

When your gums begin to recede, your teeth begin to look oversized and poorly aligned. A gum graft will help restore your smile’s appearance by improving the gum line.

Functionally Speaking

Gum recession is about more than cosmetics. From a functional aspect, your root surface below the gum line is more prone to decay and tooth sensitivity.  In fact, receding gums can increase bacterial infiltration and result in bone loss, cavities, tooth loss, and additional gum recession.

By augmenting your gums, you’re helping to increase the protective tissue around the tooth, decrease sensitivity, and get a better-looking smile, all of which lead to a more confident you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for soft tissue grafting?

If you are clear of periodontal infection and existing disease, this simple procedure is well-suited to correcting your gum damage. Gum grafting is also appropriate for patients with healthy teeth who desire an improved gumline appearance for a more beautiful smile.

What should I expect during a soft tissue grafting procedure?

We offer different types of procedures for soft tissue grafting and recession.

The most popular is a microsurgical gum grafting procedure.  We use microsutures and microsurgical instruments while you’re under local anesthesia. A thin piece of healthy tissue is attached to the gum tissue around your tooth. This stabilized, healthy tissue is placed around the tooth and helps to prevent future recession.  Gum grafting is a proven solution for gum recession to restore the missing gum tissue.

The Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST) is another type of grafting procedure where a small pinhole in the existing gum tissue is made and the tissue is loosened and moved to cover the gum recession.

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