Periodontal Maintenance

Oral Irrigation and Antimicrobials:

Oral irrigation is a procedure that helps to reduce bacteria between teeth and beneath the gumline. This procedure helps to mitigate periodontal disease and decrease its severity. Used in conjunction with scaling and root planing, oral irrigation is often a great way to continue treating and healing periodontal disease.

At-Home and In-Office Irrigation

At-home irrigation is a great way to reduce bacterial build up, while in-office irrigation can be used to send antimicrobial treatments below the gum line and straight to the source of the infection.

How is Irrigation Used?

●To keep the gum line cleaner and remove debris from gingival pockets

●Helps reduce bad breath that is the result of food particles being stuck in teeth and gum pockets.

●Delivers antimicrobial treatments straight to the are a that is infected, which helps to heal and control periodontitis.