Bone and Tissue Regenerative Procedures

If you’ve suffered from bone loss due to periodontal disease, you might be the perfect candidate for a procedure that regenerates the bone that you’ve lost. This, in essence, reverses the loss of bone. Dr. Miyamoto has been performing this procedure for over 25 years.

Bone regeneration is an ideal way to restore both form and function to your smile. This periodontal procedure builds up the jaw bone and tissue, which over time mitigates the damage that has occurred.

This procedure helps to continue to support your existing teeth and also allows for surrounding tissues to be held in place so that your teeth aren’t subject to decay.

This procedure is performed by first removing the bacteria and placing a membrane, bone graft, or tissue stimulating proteins that encourage your body to regenerate bone. As this bone regenerates the health, function, and appearance of your mouth improves.

By eliminating existing bacteria and regenerating tissue, we can reduce the depth of gum pockets and stop the progression of periodontal disease. Through improved oral hygiene, long-term maintenance, and a plan for treatment you can stop or reverse periodontal disease and improve your overall health.